Blueberry & Lime Oat Cookies

Blueberry & Lime Oat Cookies -

How is your summer going? We have been doing an awful lot this summer, hence the lack of posts, you see the weather has been (mostly) good here since the school holidays kicked in and well, we have been making the most of it. We’ve been having a lot of fun with friends and family,…

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Tomato & Chorizo Orzo Salad -

Tomato & Chorizo Orzo Salad

Who doesn’t love a good pasta salad? They are the perfect summer weeknight dinner, great for picnics and any pot luck worth it’s salt will have at least one pasta salad, right? Well this tomato & chorizo orzo salad is no different, ready in 30 minutes, with minimum cooking and maximum results! This went down…

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Spelt Salad with Squash & Goats Cheese -

Spelt Salad with Squash & Goat’s Cheese

Ok I know it’s not quite squash season yet, but I couldn’t resist this little harlequin squash, it’s been ages since I cooked squash and this was the perfect size for a nice salad, so I’m going with it and breaking my eat in season rule just a little bit, the rest of the vegetables…

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Aubergine Rolls with Feta & Sun Dried Tomatoes -

Aubergine Rolls with Feta & Sun Dried Tomatoes

We’re nearly there friends, nearly there! School finishes in a few hours and then summer officially starts, yay, at last! I’m so looking forward to not having to do the school run for a few weeks, and my girl is so ready for the holidays, school mornings have been a struggle the last few weeks…

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Pistachio & Seed Granola -

Pistachio and Seed Granola

I love granola but it is often laden with sugar, this is especially the case with store bought varieties, so I occasionally make my own, much to the delight of my little girl! My girl, by the way, would really love to eat all the chocolate sugary breakfast cereals she can get her hands on,…

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